• Youtube - Not all episodes, high chance of censorship

  • Odysee - All episodes, low chance of getting censored

  • Bintube - All episodes, low chance of getting censored

  • ZeroNet - (not live yet) - 100% censorship proof

Love, Light and Healing

We have been lied to all our lives, join me in navigating through the deception. I discuss topics in regular layman's terms so that anyone can understand. Expect things like spirituality, near death experiences(NDE), consciousness, alien abductions, quantum physics, the nature of reality, economics and more. New content on a regular basis so don't forget to subscribe and get ready to raise your frequency!

Raise Your Frequency



Our purpose:

    • to widen the scope of economic and political ideology through imagination.

    • to expand views on the nature of reality through spiritual and science.

    • to skeptically analyze and, whenever necessary, critique the institutions, businesses or governments where centralized power is abused.

    • to expose misleading or oppressed information.

    • to promote deep though through critical thinking.

    • to provide view points uninhibited by political partisanship.


Our method:

    • To facilitate communicating information through uncomplicated jargon.

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